Leptin Wise Diet – Are there Good and Bad Foods?

Essential Leptin Facts about Good and Bad Foods!

It is time I should clarify something about Good and Bad Foods. It is something to do with a phenomenon that I would call ‘dis-inhibited‘ eating. There is this belief that there are good meals that you should eat and others that you should shun completely. Research shows us that a psychological phenomenon happens when you believe that you have eaten a bad food that you were warned against. When you step over the forbidden lines this will lead you to an all-out feeding frenzy (Lemmens S.G et al.2010, Sterling and Yeomans, 2004). You probably have experienced something like this before. This might happen when you join your friends on a friend’s night-out. When you are with your friends, instead of ordering something like salad, you go for something like pasta or pizza as a group. Well, you had been faithful to your diet over the week, eating only the ‘healthy’ foods:  vegetables, some fruits, salads, lean protein, salads and said no to grains and processed foods.

Having crossed your line, you throw caution to the wind and indulge in the ‘bad’ food. That one slice of pizza you take turns into five slices and more. You will find yourself craving that meal and you might even hang out with your friends again and get to spoil yourself with another bite, just as you had done the other day.  So if you found/find yourself in such a scenario, then you are a victim of ‘disinhibited’ eating. The only way to experience that all-out eating frenzy is by having the belief in your mind that there are in fact good and bad foods.

It is the calories in your food that matters, not the type of food. It would be more logical and even more helpful to you, if you view food from a standpoint of total calories. The total calories that you consume are the ones that will determine your weight loss success. It does not matter where the calories come from; the only thing that should worry you, in fact, is hitting your calorie targets for your personal weight loss goal and more importantly, balancing your diet.

Did you notice the word ‘balance' pop up again?  You should balance your food, which includes a balance of foods ranging from all forms of vegetables, all forms of fruits, grains of any kind, leafy greens, dairy, meat, poultry, fish, and seafood. You should even balance the processed foods, fast food, candy and whatever people would call ‘junk' food. If you do it intelligently, all of it can be part of a successful weight loss program, and that is exactly what you will be doing with the Venus Factor program. The program will allow you to freely choose which foods will fit into your diet program.

Bottom line is all foods are okay to eat, only that some just need to be in limited amounts. This goes a long way towards you keeping your sanity, enjoyment, and satisfaction throughout the process of losing weight and learning to appreciate your body and your best foods along the way.

Leptin Wise Diet – We answer the question are there Good and Bad Foods?

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