Extensive Study on Blood Pressure Control Yields Surprising Results

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Blood Pressure Management An extensive 6 year study on nearly 8500 participants with Diabetes  has revealed some interesting and surprising results. The study that carried out on people with type 2 diabetes found that intense lowering of blood pressure had a much greater effects on preventing heart attacks, strokes and death than intense management of…

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Revealed: The Shocking Truth About Diabetes!

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Read This Article To Learn The Shocking Truth About Diabetes! Here’s important news for anyone with diabetes. A remarkable E-Book is now available that reveals scientifically proven principles that can help trigger your body to produce more insulin naturally, reversing diabetes symptoms without the need for medication. Read more about the Shocking Truth About Diabetes! Click…

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Leptin Resistance and Obesity

leptin resistance

What To Do When Your Body Refuses to Lose Weight! When Leptin has lost its ability to function well in the body – this is called Leptin Resistance.  A Leptin resistant person needs more and more Leptin to tell the brain it is satisfied and that you don’t need more food. You become leptin-resistant by…

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Get to Know Your Leptin Wise Foods

leptin wise foods

Get to Know Your Leptin Wise Foods You are likely to have some foods that do not work well with your body. Do yourself a favor of limiting their consumption if you want to be on the safe side, although we do not have to label them as bad foods. Everyone has his or her…

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