Leptin Resistance and Obesity

leptin resistance

What To Do When Your Body Refuses to Lose Weight! When Leptin has lost its ability to function well in the body – this is called Leptin Resistance.  A Leptin resistant person needs more and more Leptin to tell the brain it is satisfied and that you don’t need more food. You become leptin-resistant by…

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Get to Know Your Leptin Wise Foods

leptin wise foods

Get to Know Your Leptin Wise Foods You are likely to have some foods that do not work well with your body. Do yourself a favor of limiting their consumption if you want to be on the safe side, although we do not have to label them as bad foods. Everyone has his or her…

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Fat Buring – The difference between Men and Woman

fat burning

When it Comes to Fat Burning Here are the Facts! Men and women, as we all know, are composed very differently, specially when it comes to fat burning. We do not need to invoke science to clarify a fact that is obvious to each one of us. However, many people never stop to consider that…

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Leptin Wise Diet – Are there Good and Bad Foods?

Essential Leptin Facts about Good and Bad Foods! It is time I should clarify something about Good and Bad Foods. It is something to do with a phenomenon that I would call ‘dis-inhibited‘ eating. There is this belief that there are good meals that you should eat and others that you should shun completely. Research shows us…

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Introduction to The Leptin Wise Diet.

venus factor reviews

What you need to know about the Leptin Wise Diet. For years, people have been gaining weight while shunning diets that have been touted as unhealthy. We have been told that fat is not good for us to eat and that we should have low-fat foods. Because of the erroneous advice, our bodies have turned…

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