Middle Aged Women New Study Says Moderate Exercise is Enough

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Light Workout Routines Best For Middle Aged Women

We all know exercise is as important as a balanced diet for good long-term health and this is also true for middle aged women. Weight loss plans always recommend engaging in physical activity in conjunction with the diet plan in order to maximize weight loss. Portion sizes are recommended for food, what are the recommendations for exercise?

Women's Study

Many middle aged women feel like more is better when it comes to exercise. But they lack the time to engage in high-intensity exercise. Good news has come from a study published by the British journal Circulation. The study looked at over one million women in the UK to see how much exercise was enough to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Surprisingly, it was found that middle aged women only need to break a sweat three times a week to reduce their risk of heart disease by 20%. Additional exercise does not further reduce the risk. Women should get 30 minutes of exercise in each of these three days, but they do not have to be continuous. You can vacuum the house in the morning, take a brisk walk to pick up lunch and walk the dog in the evening to work your exercise into your daily routine.

Moderate exercise is defined as enough activity to make you break a sweat. You should be able to carry on a conversation in short sentences, but not have enough breath to break out in song. Perhaps the best news is that the needed exercise can be achieved without any gym memberships. Household chores, gardening, and walking the dog are all easy ways to meet your exercise goals.

Choice of Exercise

Maybe you like the gym. What are the types of activities you should seek out? One of the best exercises for maintaining flexibility and balance throughout the middle and older years is Tai chi. Tai chi increases the range of motion without putting undue stress on joints. Water aerobics is also a good choice for women looking for low impact exercise. If you like to catch up on the news or get moving with the loud music in the aerobic fitness machine room, the stationary bike can be a good choice.  Because women start to lose muscle mass in the middle years, it is a good idea to incorporate some light weight training into your fitness routine.

Feel Happy

There are benefits that come from exercise in addition to the decrease in cardiovascular disease. It is commonly known that exercise raises endorphins that cause you to feel happier.  Women who engage in moderate exercise are found to be happier than women who engage in heavy exertion. Moderate exercise raises endorphins without stressing muscles and joints or causing anxiety about possible cardiovascular repercussions. Because you can talk while engaging in moderate exercise, it allows time for women to be social. These connections also contribute to emotional well-being. Intense exercise does not allow for socialization and can be competitive. Competition can increase anxiety rather than relieve stress. If you choose to meet your exercise goals through household chores or gardening, you will have the benefit of checking something off your to-do list in addition to raising your endorphins and giving yourself the gift of health.


There are so many options to meet your exercise goals, whether you are a middle aged woman or not. Choose what works best for your lifestyle, and start moving. This recent study has lowered the bar and taken away the excuses. How will you get moving today? today?

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