Fat Buring – The difference between Men and Woman

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When it Comes to Fat Burning Here are the Facts!

Men and women, as we all know, are composed very differently, specially when it comes to fat burning. We do not need to invoke science to clarify a fact that is obvious to each one of us. However, many people never stop to consider that the things that make men and women different on the outside come from the inside. The differences can be classified as:

Size differences – Men in general have more lean body mass than women and as a result men can eat more calories than women while still maintaining a leaner body

Metabolism.-There are rather obvious differences in men and women from a metabolic standpoint.  A man’s body is designed to break down extra food, building muscles while women’s bodies will store excess food as fat. That is why more women than men will have large fat deposits. It is rather unsettling to note that  in most cases the food servings are ‘tailored’ and ‘calibrated’ only for men . Think of the serving food sizes in most of the restaurants; don’t they seem to be calibrated towards men? In other words, the portion served is fine for men, but always seems to be too much for a woman. It is a bit unfair that a man can simply eat what is served while the lady will have to leave some on the plate if she is concerned at all about managing her calorie intake. The alternative would be a world of portion sizes ‘calibrated' for women where she could eat what is served and be perfectly satisfied without having to leave any food on her plate. In that case, a man would be forced to order  extra food to be completely satisfied. It's a matter of perspective, but the latter case would be much more effective for weight loss as it's much easier to simply eat what is served to you compared to exerting enough willpower to leave food on your plate.

Body Composition-Estrogen is what makes up a woman and testosterone is what makes a man. Women and men alike have a normal healthy and important circulating level of both of these hormones. Women's estrogen levels are much higher compared to the amount a man has, and likewise a man's testosterone level is much higher than a woman's normal healthy levels. Gender differences that we see in normal healthy ranges of body composition between men and women are a result of their respective estrogen and testosterone levels.

  • Body  fats -The normal body composition range for men is between 10%-20% body fat while women's body fat is usually around 20%-30%. Critically low body fat for men is approximately 3%, whereas for women critically low is approx. 13% (as indicated by the appearance of potentially dangerous metabolic abnormalities).

Clearly, there is a difference in the general normal body composition of men and women when it comes to fat burning. A man can be at or below 10% body fat and look healthy and lean. A woman with this level of body fat would actually look abnormal, sickly, and, if she has enough muscle mass, overly masculine.  Approximately 16% – 18% is as low as most women could go and still maintain a feminine look. To be considered athletic/elite, a woman must have a body fat of somewhere below 20%, while a man viewed as ‘athletic’ would have a body fat between 8-10%.

These body composition differences are due to the effect testosterone and estrogen have on our ability to store and burn fat. This is normal and no reason for concern, it's simply why we are shaped like women and not like men. The main message is not to compare your body fat percentage to that of a man (if you're thinking in terms of body fat at all). Your target healthy range is between 20%-30%.

Most of the contestants transformation  winners arrive at their best figure anywhere between 18%-22%. Your specific best or healthiest look will be unique to you. I cannot predict with certainty what your body fat percentage will be when you arrive at the look you are happiest with, but my guess is it will be somewhere close this range. This is important about fat burning: The goal is never zero percent (0 %) body fat, nor is it to reach a predetermined level of body fat because you think this is the number you should have. The goal is to create a body you love and are proud of.  Mostly likely this will end up somewhere around the range of 18-22% body fat.  So, summing up what we have so far discussed:

  • We know that you have more estrogen and less testosterone than a man. It is what makes you a woman, and it also determines what your healthy body fat range will be.
  • You generally have less lean body mass than a man and therefore do not burn as many calories on a daily basis
  • Because of the above points, men can generally eat more calories than women while maintaining a leaner body.
  • The hormone leptin- this is the major hormone that affects weight loss for both men and women.First, let’s understand what leptin is, its effects, leptin resistance and mitigation measures that one should take to curb the effects of leptin resistance (or even neutralize the effects).
  • Fat Burning – The difference between Men and Woman

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