Get to Know Your Leptin Wise Foods

leptin wise foods

Get to Know Your Leptin Wise Foods

You are likely to have some foods that do not work well with your body. Do yourself a favor of limiting their consumption if you want to be on the safe side, although we do not have to label them as bad foods. Everyone has his or her best foods and troublemakers too. Like for some of my friends, peanut butter is their troublemaker food, or in this context, their hot button food. This would mean that one bite would lead to eating the whole jar. If you know your hot button food, just limit your exposure to it and focus on Leptin Wise Foods.

If you do not know what your hot button food is, take your time, identify it, and give yourself limited exposure to it.  You will realize that I am not labeling any food as bad; all I am saying is identify it and limit your exposure to the meal.

Control your Leptin Resistance

From the previous discussions, we have learnt high levels of leptin are a result of Leptin resistance. You should find ways to fix Leptin resistance. with Leptin Wise Foods.

As I said, this is a complex problem, but not an irreversible one. Dr. Jack Kruse (a neurosurgeon) and Stephan Guyenet (an obesity researcher) have both written in depth about the causes of Leptin imbalance and the possible ways to reverse it.

In short, the non-negotiable factors that will help improve leptin response are:

  • Consuming few to no simple starches, refined sugar,  refined foods,  and fructose
  •  Eating large amounts of protein and healthy fats, as the first meal of the day. This has two benefits: it promotes satiety and gives the body the building blocks to make hormones for the day.
  • Getting outside during the day; most preferably barefoot in mid-day sun with some skin exposed.
  • Avoid snacks:  constant eating, even small amounts, during the day will keep your liver working and does not give hormones a break.
  • Do not work out at first, especially if you are really Leptin resistant. This will just be additional stress on the body. Allow your body a little time to heal first, and then you can start your workouts.
  • When you do exercise, do only sprints and weight lifting. Walk or swim if you want to but do not do cardio just for the sake of cardio. It’s just stress on the body. High intensity and weight lifting, on the other hand, give the hormone benefits of working out without the stress from excess cardio and are great after the first few weeks. Also, workout in the evening, not the morning, to support hormone levels.
  • Remove toxins from your life as these are a stress on your body. There will be more specifics on how to accomplish this in the next few weeks, but getting rid of processed foods, commercial deodorants (make your own) and commercial soap (use microfiber) will go a long way!
  • Eat (or take) more Omega-3s (fish, grass-fed meats, chia seeds) and minimize your Omega-6 consumption (vegetable oils, conventional meats, grains, etc.) to get lower inflammation.

Your daily calorie burn is what we call ‘maintenance'. When we say ‘maintenance' we are referring to the amount of calories you burn and eating up to this same amount of calories such that you don't gain or lose weight, but rather you ‘maintain' your weight and maintain your metabolism. For example if you burn 1800 calories today, and you eat 1800 calories today you are eating up to maintenance. This is what an ‘eat up' day is in this program: Eating up to the total amount of calories you burn in a given day. This is in contrast to a ‘cheat' day where you are instructed to eat significantly above maintenance, in some cases 1000's of calories above maintenance. In my experience having full out ‘cheat' days just leads to a string of days of binge eating that sets you spiraling backwards both physically and in the metabolic sense.

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