Master Cleanse Diet

Master Cleanse Diet

Popstar Gets Results With Master Cleanse Diet

It worked for Beyoncé, won’t it work for me?  Beyoncé reportedly lost 20 pounds in two weeks on the Master Cleanse Diet.  She apparently cheated slightly by eating a few vegetables, which caused her to feel more hunger than most people experience during the Master Cleanse.  Beyoncé’s motivation was to lose weight quickly for her role in the movie Dreamgirls.

It seems that people either love the Master Cleanse, also known as the Lemonade Diet, or they hate it.  Those in the medical profession tend to lean toward the hating it side, or at least nor recommending it.  According to reviews on both Web MD and US News Health Report, the Master Cleanse Diet does not provide the necessary nutrients or calories for healthy living.  Most of the weight loss comes from water, muscle, and bone, and is quickly regained when the cleanse is complete.

But Beyoncé lost 20 pounds in two weeks.  So she did- for a movie role.  It works as a quick slim down diet for the short term… high school reunion, ex-boyfriend’s wedding, etc.  Most people do not keep the weight off long term when they return to solid foods.

For people who love the cleanse, they claim to feel energized, invigorated, and empowered when they stop eating solid food and take control over their caloric intake with the Master Cleanse.  They are further motivated by seeing the toxins being removed from their systems daily as they flush out residue from their intestines.

Stanley Burroughs first invented the Master Cleanse Diet in 1940.  In his first edition of the book The Master Cleanser, Burroughs invites participants to “receive vigorous good health from its use.”  He also claimed that the Master Cleanse would “…prove that no one needs to live with their diseases.  A lifetime of freedom from disease can become a reality.”  More recently, Peter Glickman, the author of Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days, claims the Master Cleanse is “…the fastest and most effective way to regain your vitality and to feel the joy of living again, never mind that it will help you lose weight, detoxify and give you astounding energy.”

That sounds great!  Now you want to get started… information and recipes abound on the Internet about the Master Cleanse Diet, aka Lemonade Diet.  Most recipes call for lemons, pure Grade B maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and pure water.  In some cases limes can be substituted for lemons.  You will make a mix of “lemonade” throughout the day as you feel hungry or thirsty.  You will end the day with a laxative and possibly a cup of herbal tea.  To ensure the laxative does its job, you will begin each day with a glass of salt water – and several trips to the restroom.  While this diet does not cost much, and there are no calories to count, it is important to time it well.  You will need steady access to a restroom, particularly in the morning. A 3 day lead-in time is recommended before beginning the Master Cleanse, and a 3 day lead-out time is imperative.  Keeping these days in mind, and adding them to the 10 days for the cleanse itself, it is recommend to begin the cleanse on a Monday.  This gives you the weekend prior to adjust your eating and your mindset.  It means you only have to give up one full weekend to the cleanse, and it gives you a weekend on the back end to readjust to solid foods.

Unless you have heart or kidney problems, the Master Cleanse Diet probably will not hurt you.  As with all diets, it is recommended to speak with a physician before beginning the cleanse to make sure it won’t interfere with any medications or pre-existing health conditions.  If you decide to go with the cleanse, make sure you have your favorite cup or water bottle handy.  Bottoms up!

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