Oligofructose A Magic Bullet for Weight Loss and Good Health


 Oligofructose Prebiotic Natural Fiber Has Huge Health Benefits

Exciting new studies have shown that the fiber supplement Oligofructose has truly outstanding health benefits. Notably, it raises the metabolism, aids in weight loss, and increase the number of good bacteria in the lower intestine.

Where has this miracle prebiotic been hiding?

Simple, in the plant fiber of foods such as Bananas, Onions, Jerusalem Artichokes, Asparagus, and Garlic to name a few.

Oligofructose supplements can help to metabolism various fats in the body resulting in a decreased buildup of triglycerides.

During one study test subjects received a high-fat diet, accompanied by oligofructose supplements. As a result, there was a reduction in triglycerides as well as free cholesterol concentrations that can be caused by such diets.

Study Results

A further study done at the University of Calgary looked at the effects of oligofructose supplements on hormones and bacteria in the lower intestines. The study conducted on a group of rats gave them free access to food that was high in sugar and fat.

Some of the rats had a genetic predisposition towards obesity. Others had a predisposition toward lean body mass. At the end of the study, the rats that received the supplement gained 1/3 less weight than the controlled animals.

Further results indicated that the rats with a predisposition toward obesity did not gain any more weight than the others. In fact, their microbiota composition changed to more closely resemble that of the lean rats.

The authors of the study caution that taking a supplement to aid in weight loss, it is not a substitute for the other health benefits that come from a proper diet and exercise. Any weight loss experienced will be slow and constant.

Oligofructose which comes in a white powdered form is a sugar substitute. Used as a sweetener in foods it has about half the sweetness of regular refined sugar. Because oligofructose digests easily by either the stomach or the small intestine, it does not add calories to your diet.

Oligofructose is important for more than just weight loss. It is also prebiotic, which means that it stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestine. Oligofructose powder dissolves instantly in liquid and is easy to drink with a  slightly sweet taste.

When it reaches the lower intestine, it begins to ferment. That causes it to multiply the healthy bacteria in the colon. For this reason, it is an excellent treatment for Candida and yeast infections.

Other Health Benefits

It has also been found to increase calcium absorption. This is particularly important for postmenopausal women who are more likely to suffer broken bones.

Not only does oligofructose increase production of healthy bacteria in the colon, but it also acts a stool softener/laxative.

When people with loose stools take oligofructose, they notice that their stools become firmer. In comparison, those that suffered from constipation noticed they became more regular than the first group.

Oligofructose is used in baby formula as it helps soften stools and is believed to contribute to building a healthy immune system.

Beyond a small increase in flatulence experienced by some users, there are no side effects to oligofructose. Some nutritionists say that if your diet is already high in vegetable and fruit, there is no need for the supplement while others say that everyone can benefit.

At any rate, taking oligofructose will not cause any harm. While maybe not a magic bullet, it certainly has many beneficial properties.

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